13 HRS

13 HRS (NIGHT WOLF) 2011

Werewolves… An American Werewolf in London, Gingersnaps, Underworld, Legend of The Werewolf, Teen Wolf.

All great movies or series that portray Lycan’s. Nothing like watching a human turn into a werewolf. Geese, Michael Jackson’s Thriller was 1/2 movie and 1/2 song that gave the world over chills!

“13 HRS” really caught my attention. I did not read the back story on it before I watched, nor saw what was coming until mid movie (which is impressive).

There is a Mysterious Beast in the house which the team is trying to avoid, along with tension that being stuck together in a small space brings. Sara Tyler‘s (Isabella Cathrope) is returning to her Family home which she has been avoiding for an unspecified amount of time. She meets up with her Brother’s and past friends in the Barn while her Mother leaves for the night and her Father remains safely in the house to rest. The mood is completed when a storm sets in bringing along a full moon.

The Animal is not really shown which is a great trick by Director Jonathan Glendening. He gave us the Wolf’s point of view, fast and scary. Wicked job on the atmosphere. There were times when I could feel my heart racing watching this movie, great sign.

Slowly the group of Twent’teens start to die off. Still unsure of the origin of the Beast the ensemble of people go on trying to make it through 13 hours of the night. Between the Monster trying to take them off one by one and the life changes between Sara and her Friends/Family causes major rifts and thus the end of lives.

This is more of a Survival Guide type of film then an actual Werewolf movie. An audience member not following the Wolf, but that of the people and their determination to survive until the morning was a rarity.

The ending of the movie was a little rushed i thought however the twists made up for it. All in all I would recommend this movie to any Bloody Murdering Werewolf Movie Freak.

Enjoyed this one.



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