This is one wickedly awesome movie!

Pontypool is refreshing, dark, well acted, wonderful story intense and laid back in its delivery and timeless. Big thank you to Tony Burgess for giving something new.  I loved this movie, it was dark and gritty.  I really have a difficult time finding much wrong with it. Plus, everyone by now should know I have a special place in my heart for Canadian based films.  Pontypool is a movie you will be watching more than once.

Director Bruce McConald knew what he was doing. Filmed with intent and using a straight forward technique was the was to go with Pontypool.  The shots from lead character Mazzy, to his crew were well thought out and precise. An outstanding scene, Grant Mazzy driving to work through a bastard of a Canadian blizzard. . He runs into a woman on the road. Like the tough guy he is Mazzy puts the least amount of effort into helping the confused woman until she backs off into the depths of the snow. He is left with a fantastict look of concern and I’m-not-going-to-do-a-damn-thing.

Stephen McHattie is such a tough guy!  Within minutes of the beginning he managed to give us a good idea of who is Mazzy is on a human level. Truly an excellent actor who knows how to covey an honest character. McHattie  rocked this role.  Fit into the character expertly and sold Mazzy as the perfect hard-ass everyone would want to have a drink with. It was fantastic to watch Mazzy realizing something terrible may actually be happening outside the walls of his radio studio in Pontypool, Ontario.

Because his past gigs as a shock-jock there is tension as our favourite announcer tries to slide in a little extra drama into his live performances. Gives us the necessary friction and tension between he and Sidney Blair (Lisa Houle) and Laurel-Ann Drummond (Georgina Reily)

The weather man calls in to give his updates he reports he is watching scenes of murderous chaos in the city streets. There is a break in the transmission and Laurel-Ann translates the words from French to English. Being a true cowboy Mazzy takes charge and immediately tells his listeners that they are to be quarantined. The weather man reports back in but is gorged by a gang of the infected.

The theory behind this flick is that there is a virus in words. The English language that causes a 28Weeks/TheHappening type of reaction.  This worked for me, even the lack of infected made Mazzy and his crew seem to be truly located out in the middle of no-where.  I felt the idea behind the ‘change’ was excellent, far fetched but fresh and incredibly intriguing.

We follow the three in the radio station as they come to terms with by warning people on the radio they were passing the infection around. As Mazzy’s crew succumb to the virus we watch their attempt to survive this implied government experiment.

Pontypool is a low-budget movie however, the acting and storyline really come together and make this one of my top 10 movies of all time! Everyone who loves a good thriller/horror film will enjoy this and talk about it for days.  Really, if you have not had the chance, this movie should be watched and admired for its craftsmanship.

Hell, I’ve been talking about it for years. 🙂



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