Parasite movies are not my style.

For the most part to based in science fiction, not horror. I have seen few movies in this sub-genre that have really kept my interest.

Splinter caught my eye.  The story line follows some robbers and campers who meet up at a convince store. They can’t leave due to a foreign parasite which takes over its host, kills them, and uses their body to attack other heat-producing objects.

This is Toby Wilkins first attempt at directing a full feature film on his own.

No complaints about his efforts at all. Although, if reviewing The Grudge 3, which Wilkins co-directed there would be more to say :I  )  Splinter was well thought out and totally an enjoyable feature.

Paulo Costanzo is the main character, he was perfectly casted and what he brought to the table was fantastic. Loved watching him freeze himself!  Props to Constanzo for a great portrayal of the typical good guy who tries his best to save his peers.

This film feature could have done without Jill Wagner‘s character (who is the girlfriend of Constanzo‘s main). She could have been left out completely and didn’t bring much to the flick.

Actor Shea Whigham, the bad boy and underlying hero of the film.  Constanzo and Whigham worked great off of one another creating a lot of tension and ease.

While putting this movie on I kept thinking “Just give it a chance..give it a chance”.  Surprise to me the movie was really good.  Yes, it’s another movie about how to get out of a seriously splintery situation, but to blow this flick off would be a mistake.

Give this one a go.



One thought on “SPLINTER 2008

  1. Damn, what an awzzum blog!! Much more interesting and entertaining than most of the stuff out there. BTW, my fave Freddy kill is the bed vacuum where Freddy sucks Johnny Depp in and spits out a rising waterfall of blood.

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