Dear Mr. Carpenter,

I grew up watching your horror movies.  Literally, you have been a Director that I use as a standard to objectify others.  Let’s face it, you are best known for 1978’s HalloweenThere isn’t anything bad I can say about it. Amazing job!  Excellent use of lighting or lack there of. The closet scene was my favourite, Laurie hiding inside the bedroom closet and Myers breaking through the wooden rails of the door.  Classic!  You have been the director of fantastic movies like They Live, Big Trouble in Little China, Christine! Hell Dude, you Directed Escape from New York!


Man, Mr.Carpenter, that movie is was disappointing. Like someone said “make it look like Girl Interrupted, but less scary, and put an effort into making it lame!”.

It’s not even that the storyline is that bad,not a new idea per-say but it fly’s. Seeing  Amber Heard (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane) keeping up on the horror genre is a treat. For a lead in this movie she came across as the most experienced out of the fellow patients.  Heard carried a lot of it on her own.  Mamie Gummer, a relative newcomer to the entertainment industry did an excellent job of letting go and making herself believable as one of the subs, an obviously a super psycho chick.

Earlier I had mentioned your use of lighting in Halloween. That is most definitely as a horror fan i was missing in The Ward.  It was too bright. Not in a good way, what happened to your amazing use of shadows to create fear in your audience?  This flick is as frightening as the very poorly made Voodoo, and that really is not a complement at all.

Oh Mr. Carpenter, what happened?.  It’s not even that your recent movies are bad.  It’s just that The Ward sticks out like a sore thumb with a bloody hangnail and infection that no one wants to look at.

Mr.Carpenter, I will always be a fan. a true fan… Of yours… Not this movie.



.P.S. Thank you for being in The Boy Who Could Fly!  It brings back memories of my childhood. 🙂


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