We all want to be the best at what we do. Crave recognition to be in. the truth is most of us are just citizens. the 99 percenters. That’s right daddio. Just how the cookie crumbles. Unless you are willing to go to extremes to reach your goals. Murderous extremes.

“Bucket of Blood” is the about man’s innate desire to be hip and what a person would do to achieve maximum recognition.  This movie is totally groovy. It is comical, intense, poetic and very sad. Would be flaky of me not to mention its obvious links to the 1953 The House of Wax, which was released three years earlier then Bucket of Blood. Nevertheless, I have a fondness for this feature film.  It is a fun movie and entertaining. There is spoken poetry and beatniks, murder and insanity.  Can’t ask for more.

The film starts off with the introduction of Walter Paisley (Dick Miller) in a café where he is employed as a bus boy and considered to be real Clyde. He admires the far-out poets that perform at his workplace.

At the end of his shift, feeling like an outcast he tries to make a clay bust of Carla (Barboura Morris) a woman he crushes on.  As Walter is getting ready to create, he notices the super’s pet is stuck in the wall. As an attempt to save it Walter stabs the cat in the side killing it.  Instead of taking the honest route our disturbed leading man decides to cover the feline in clay and leave the knife sticking out of it.

What a great idea! No one will ever figure that one out.

..Or will they?

dick miller


High on his cool-catfactor,  He takes the figure to the café owner to sell it. A friend convinces the boss to show the piece. That night a new fan of Walter‘s gives him some horse. He leaves quickly to get away from this  very forward chick.

The walk home is a drag when the Fuzz bust Walter for holding. Freaked he might be shot the Copper gets a frying pan to the head. At this point the Super who’s cat was earlier killed barges her way into his home and starts to nag at Walter about the messiness and the state of his pad.  The best part of that scene is when he is ushering her out the door the victim’s arm fall down from the ceiling.  I have no clue why or how the body got up there but it works. Part of the charm of this film.

By now the café owner has seen fur coming out of the figurine and is on to what his bus boy thinks is in the bag.

It’s the next morning now and our Bumpkin has arrived a commune and it is happening. He announced that he has a new project called “Murdered Man”.  I told you he was a Clyde.

Walter thinks he can make a lot of bread off of his new status and offers a fellow 1 percenter to be his model. He ends up choking her with her scarf and covers her as well to make yet another creation his friend surely will and do dig.  a premier of his artwork is planed out by the Beatniks.

After celebrating with drinks he walks home mumbling to himself like he does most of the movie.

A lone construction worker is bugged by the disturbed artists ramblings and they begin to fight… Skipping to the next day when he shows another new piece, a decapitated head.

Being a real hipster on his way to a showing of his artwork he proposes to Carla who denies the engagement but agrees to be sculpted.  She then looks closer at a piece in the showing. There is a break in the clay and a finger sticking out.  Carla runs in fear with Walter in pursuit. By then the entire group of Beatniks figured out Walters hustle. They are all running after him while he has made his way home haunted by the voices of the people he has murdered. yup, gone a little nuts.

By the time the mob arrives at Walters pad he has hung himself.  One person speaks out and says:

“I suppose he would have called it ‘The Hanging Man’, his greatest work.”-Hipster.

Aaaannnd fade out.

Bucket of Blood isn’t for everyone, there are some good laughs in it but admittedly Dick Miller did an amazing job and reminded much of Sean Penn. No jive, its true. He is an excellent actor and held on to this character well.  The movie is Directed by Roger Corman who also directed the original Little Shop of Horrors and Produced many movies such as Big Bad Momma . He definitely seems to have a quirkiness to what he chooses to do and it is appreciate that very much. Like Tim Burton, Corman has made his mark in a style all his own.

Big snaps for this movie!



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