Apocalyptic movies are not really my forté, The Divide however was a decent enough movie and worth a review.

A group of people get stuck in the basement of an apartment building after a nuclear bomb explodes.  It is about personal power, survival, and how a confined space and passing time affects the characters mentally.

Actress Laluren German (TCM 2003) heads the lead role in this flick as Eva a strong-willed and sensible female who has her mind-set of finding a way out of basement she is captive in.  German gave a strong performance, I hope she ditches Hawaii Five-0 and returns to doing more horror movies.

Notable actor Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes and the shit movie Pathology) gives one of his best performances to date.  His character Josh starts out concerned for his fellow survivors and ends up making one of the biggest changes out of everyone. He turns into one nasty-violent-freakish-asshole.  Props to Ventimiglia as he is not consider him much more than a pretty face, he finally followed through with a role and I give him a B- on his portrayal.

Amongst the group of misfits is Marilyn, a Mother who’s Daughter is abducted by the Government. Rosanna Arquette really showed off her talent in this role. The always desperate (-ly Seeking Susan) Marilyn goes from feeling pain as a Mother to feeling pain as a sex toy to the more vicious personalities.  A truly sad role, played excellently by Arquette.

The other five who are in the bowels of the apartment building are all notable actors Michael Biehn, Courtney B. Vance, Ashton Holmes, Michael Eklund, Abbey Thickson and Ivan Gonzalez.   All of whom did a great job in supporting roles and gave the movie interesting points of view and the feeling instability throughout. Well done.

Frontier(s) Director Xavier Gens took on The Divide with what came across as having a true passion for the story.  He did a grand job using limited space and lighting to create feelings of confusion, happiness and fear.  Another great job by gens.

The storyline is not the most original but, is a decent hypothesis to what would happen in a situation like The Divide.  Though a graphically violent movie, without the gore this film would have been weak and ended up on The Woman’s Network.

All in all, this is a movie that holds up.

My major beef is viewing the trailer. The ending is handed on a silver platter.  There is something to be said to leaving a bit of mystery for the audience.

When you’re a burlesque dancer you don’t just take it all of at once, you tease and draw your audience in.

Don’t watch the trailer and jump into this movie if you are going to bother watching it.



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