Writer Harrison Smith loosely based The Fields on his own life in 1976 as a lad whose Parents separate and if forced to live with his Grandparents (it’s safe to assume his Grandma used to spike his drinks and he isn’t recalling things correctly).


That’s the plot. The storyline is forced onto the audience like a fat guy forces hotdogs down his gullet in an eating contest. Almost pukable.   😉

The Directing was not good.  There was a real effort in making The Fields, but due to lack of experience,  David Mazzoni and Tom Mattera missed the mark. They have only directed one other feature film each/together, The Fourth Dimension.

I don’t even want to get into the acting.

Cloris Leachman is an icon. She has done everything from Alfred Hitchcock Presents cut to The Mary Tyler Moore Show cut toThe Simpson’s cut to Young Frankenstein.

Leachman is a great actress, she can do so much.  The problem was she did too much in this movie.  She laid on the jokes thicker then coagulated blood on bread.

It was over the top, did not fit in with the movie and until the last scene when she is screaming was not believable in her role. Yes, Leachman is funny, but stood out as inappropriate. The Editing was terrible and most of her act should have been left on the cutting room floor.



The Grandfather, played by Bev Appleton was a charming character. Appleton was the best of the bunch as far as the acting goes. Still, his character was asleep most of the movie and when he wasn’t he was running around like a freakin’ nut-bar with a shotgun shooting out the windows at one can only assume was the Hippies or the guy from the Milk Farm.

Steven, the child at the center of this mess was good for his age, but wrongly casted.  It could have been that I really wanted this movie to take a Michael Myers twist to it and because of that didn’t i appreciate the kids acting enough. I am sure we will see more of young Joshua Ormond.

Ahh, Tara Reid.  If you think her acting is going to over shadow the terrible wig she is wearing you are going to be disappointed. There, she was mentioned.

Tara Reid

Producer Faust Checho did not help the situation by jumping into the role of the Father.  If you finance a movie it does not mean you should be an actor.

In write ups about this film I keep reading about an unseen-presence.  It could be there was an intention to create a fear of the corn fields but unless there are Aryan kids walking around with the ability of mind control; a corn field is just a corn field.

Due to having to re-watch the last third of this movie because it was so forgettable, I know that at 1:32:07 there is a report over the radio that explains most what we are to believe happened.

Then the oh-so-common twist at the last second.

This movie made me want to punch myself in my face.



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