QUESTION:What do you get when Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Christpher Lee, John Carradine and Dezi Arnas Jr. come together under one roof??

ANSWER: A wickedly awesome horror’esque movie!

House of Long Shadows is one of my favourite movies.  It is impossible to discuss about this film without acknowledging the most amazing cast ever.

So many greats in the horror industry, it’s a horror fans wet-dream to see them all together. This movie is full of intense stares, drawn out moments of suspense and a great story line to work from!



We have  Vincent Price, a true master at his craft.

If anyone out there doesn’t think they know who Price is, you do. Throw on the Thriller track or watch Alice Cooper: The Nightmare.  Price has a mass of horror movies behind him such as The Raven, Tales of Terror, The Fly.  It’s an endless list. For a younger generation he is the creator of Edward, not the Twinkle-Bitch from Twilight, the masterful Edward Scissorhands.



Synonymous with Sherlock Holmes, Peter Cushing is a man who has a filmography that is for everyone. Flicks like The Satanic Rites of Dracula and The Creeping Flesh  put this actor into the horror movie spotlight. Cushing can be one scary mother-fucker when he wants to be.



Christopher Lee‘s work spans decades and he is still receiving excellent rolls and has a great continuing career. Best known for playing Dracula, in the Hammer classics, Lee has starred in The Face of Fu ManchuCurse of The Crimson Altar and Dracula a.d. 1972 a true renaissance man. Honorable mention to the trilogy LOTR.  This guy has eyes that can freeze the warmest of hearts!



John Corradine did the voice for the Great Owl in the epic Secret of Nihm.  He carried his roles like a pro, Corradine was someone often over looked, yet made a statement with his work. Any guy who worked on the project Vampire Hookers is good in my books.



Then we come to Dezi Arnas Jr.  What can I say? He was on The Lucy Show and Matlock. He is not well known in the horror genre, but does have his place in the entertainment industry. Still, kind of scary. No?

House of Long Shadows begins with Dezi‘s character Kenneth Magee making a bet with a friend for a mass amount of money, $20 000 to write a masterpiece of a novel within 24 hours. Kenneth sets off to a Welsh manor to write.

Upon his arrival Kenneth learns that the Manson is not empty but a strange and eerie family reunion is to take place.

As more of the Grisbane Family arrive, their skeletons bust out of the closet. We learn of Roderick, a brother to the family who’s been locked up for forty years because of his gruesome acts as a child. Kenneth tries to write his novel but is distracted by a fellow American sent to deter him from finishing his task.

This movie has everything that newer releases are lacking.  Don’t doubt that it’s because of the amazing cast. House of Long Shadows has, but the Directing by Peter Walker (Die Screaming, Marianne & Schizo) really pulled things off.  The feeling was dark and gritty, the use of the long narrow hallways and portraits on the walls were great backdrop.

The special effects, awesome.  There is a death scene in it that is so well done and still gives me chills thinking about it. That said, there wasn’t a need for over kill on the gore because of the strong storyline and freakishly excellent acting.

This movie has a dollop of Scream 3, a dash of April Fool’s Day and finally topped off with the atmosphere of the old Hammer films as the cherry.

Lee, Carradine, Cushing, Price

This movie is an homage to the actors and what they, as a whole, stand for in the horror genre.



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