I was finally informed that the DVD case written about with a quote from my was never released. Total let down but, good to know the truth.


Terror of Dracula picked up by Reality Entertainment.

Terror of Dracula (ToD) is an intelligent film Produced by Bill Bossert and Directed/Written/Acted/Composed by Anthony D.P Mann.  ToD was put together with a modest budget and was released with the impression of a major film.

I can not say enough about how much I really loved this movie.

ToD was recently picked up by Reality Entertainment for release with a very engaging new DVD cover.

The movie will be re-released in September though there is not a specific date as of yet.

I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to speak with Bill and Anthony about the film and their feelings of it being picked up and the over all finished product.

Bill was asked what drove him to Produce ToD. Kindly he fielded the question in a way that gives all aspiring directors a feeling that their dreams can come true.

“Well, it all happened pretty quickly. I’d been listening to HorrorEtc for a couple of years, and heard Tony talk about a Canadian TV Dracula film done in the 1970’s. I emailed him some questions about it, and in his response he mentioned he was going to do his own Dracula film. I watched his Sherlock Holmes feature, was impressed in what he could do with little, and asked if I could join him. A little over a year later, we premiered the film in Kingston, and found a DVD distributor for it not long after.” 

Anthony replied excitedly when asked what drove him to make ToD in the first place.

“This is the project that I had wanted to do since I was a kid! When Bill Bossert, an American producer / listener to HorrorEtc presented an opportunity to make my dream project, I was blown away. He had seen a cut of my earlier Sherlock Holmes flick (Sherlock holmes and the Shadow Watchers) , and decided to take a gamble… with enthusiasm and drive – and lotsa creative writing and shooting – we made it happen…. it was an adventure in audacity and madness, lol!” 

When asked if he had any plans of working with Anthony again Bill responded optimistically.

“Yeah, my intent all along was to do a few films with Tony…getting more ambitious with each one. But it really all comes down to money…if we make some on “Terror of Dracula”, then for sure I think we’ll work together again. With another classic horror character.” 

Anthony gave up the information about what he was doing when he found out that ToD had been picked up by Reality Entertainment:

-“Hanging ever-so-close by my Blackberry, waiting for confirmation from Bill Bossert and Reality Entertainment, hahahaha…. terribly exciting – delighted that we have a distributor!” 

Of course we discussed how awesome it is to have a quote from Geeker on he new DVD and Bill stated

“Actually, I’m Stoker-ed about that! See what I did there? You know, Bram Stoker? [;-)] I actually think it’s pretty cool you got on the cover…you can send me your check now…”

While Anthony replied

“Geeker, m’dear – yours is THE voice of horror… it’s an honour” 

“Terror of Dracula” as I have stated before is an excellent flick and should be on every horror movie fans watch list.

 “If you love the old Hammer classics, “The Terror of Dracula”.. is one movie not to be overlooked!” -Geeker

Huge thanks to Anthony D.P. Mann and Bill Bossert for including me in the DVD cover, and for giving horror fans a movie that has great potential to have a cult following.  Can’t wait to see what is coming up next!

As an avid comic book reader i would like to point out that James Daniels, Scott Spinks, Sean Spinks,  Kirios Escios and Rafael Munoz and produced four online books based on ToD and are very much worth checking out.

The honour is all mine friends!

Bill, the check is in the mail. 😛




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