What shapes us as individuals is different for everyone.  For some it may be watching a hockey game and seeing your favourite player get the winning goal, or maybe it is watching the sun come up over the water front.  For me, it was horror movies. 

Grandma would babysit us kids and plop us in front of the tele with a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, we would all watch movies like Mother’s Day, The Funhouse and Terror Train. 

She is the reason I have such a strong passion and respect for the horror genre.

When I was nearly ten I watched my first  A Nightmare On Elm Street movie. Afterwards, my Cousin (who was sleeping over) and I ran into my bedroom, took a huge piece of paper and cut it into a cross and prayers on to it. We blessed it fully with out tiny hearts. 

While anointing our pathetic cross with tap water we had willed into being holy; my bedroom door opened up. 

Just an inch.

The creek seemed so loud, so demanding of our attention.  I recall staring at the door, heart pounding, wondering why??  Before I could finish a full thought in sneaked Freddy‘s glove. 

The bladed mitt reached in slowly.  The fingers then spread out into five very long dangerous razors, and ran down the wall with patience. 

We both jumped and screamed. We were terrified!  I may have pooped my p.j.’s.  

After that the door opened quickly with my brother laughing hysterically at the two of us and how truly scared we were. Before attempting to sleep my Cousin and I adhered the cross we crafted to the ceiling.

That was it.  I became a true lover of Freddy Krueger and the Kids of Elm Street.

A Nightmare On Elm Street was written by one of our era’s greatest story tellers Wes Craven. Today, movies are still being made based on these infamous characters.  Freddy Krueger is a character who in the early 60’s abused and killed a number of children in the town of Springwood.  After a lengthy trial the case was dismissed presumably because someone forgot to sign a document.  The Parents of Elm Street got together and tracked Freddy down. The mob set fire to the warehouse he worked at and left him for dead.  If it weren’t for The Dream Demons he would have succumb to death like any human. Yet, he was offered to live in the nightmares of children and to be able to continue his killing spree from beyond the grave. It wasn’t until 1981 that Freddy was able to reach out and actually murder someone from inside their dreams.

Everyone has their favourite deaths by Freddy Krueger, famously acted by Robert Englund).

Be it Kincaid (Ken Sagoes)  who’s dogs flaming piss opens up the underbelly of earth, releasing Freddy and after a great cat and mouse game gets stabbed in his gut. 

Or Spencer (Breckin Meyer), who gets sucked into a Nintendo’esque game and is punched to death on the wickedest Power Glove ever! 

Tina (Amanda Wyss) perhaps? Being chased and gutted by Freddy while her Boyfriend Rod (Jsu Garcia) watches wide awake. All nice death scenes.

One of my favouite murders is Kristen‘s ( Tuesday Knight ) death.

She dreams of a paradise island on which is she sun bathing. Freddy‘s glove, like a shark fin, moves through the water and the beach.  A spontaneous explosion occurs in the sand. Freddy.  He shoves Kristen through the grit landing her on the ceiling of 1428 Elm Street.  After a flip into the living room she is back on the floor.  Running down the stairs Kristen enters his boiler room. They have a stand off where she calls Alice (Lisa Wilcox)  into her dream and by protecting her friend ends up in the flames of a furnace. Not before she hands down her powers to Alice.

Tuesday Knight is an accomplished actress and singer who is well known in the horror community.  

She has had a long career in acting starting with a starting role in Fame.  It wasn’t until she landed the role of Kristen in 1988’s A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (ANOES4)that she really became a household name and celebrity in her own right. Today, with a cult following Tuesday is revered her portrayal of Kristen, and adored by fans world wide.

Recently I had an opportunity to ask Tuesday some questions about working on ANOES4 and what she has planned for the future:

What was it that made you want to audition for 1988’s ANOES4 , were you already into horror movies at the time or was it just a really awesome gig to have?

I had just released my first album, and was doing promotions and performing all over the place. I got a call from my Manager and he wanted me to go meet with this Director. I had already appeared on FAME and was a regular on General Hospital. So I went and met with Renny Harlin and he pretty much gave me the role on the spot. It was my first feature.

Taking over the role of Kristen formally portrayed by (Patricia Arquette) must have been difficult to do. Did you find that because she was originally played by someone else you got to have the freedom with the role as much as you would have if you were casted as a new character on Elm Street?

No, they pretty much told me to watch the previous film and to mimic what Patricia did. And I did to an extent, and then I just decided to bring a bit more of myself to the role. Everyone was very welcoming (who had been in the previous film) so I think the studios were stressing more than I was. But I think the fans took to it pretty well.

I have read that you and Andras Jones, who played Rick, your on screen boyfriend and you were dating during the filming of ANOES4. How did that affect your relationship on screen? I also have to ask, did the romance get picked up again during the filming of 1992’s The Prom?

– Honestly I don’t remember the exact time we actually started dating. But if anything it helped. I think I only had about 3 scenes with him. And then we had a great 3 year relationship after the film. We are in constant contact with each other, and I adore him.  Well as we remained friends, he really wanted me to do this film with him, so he called and I did. Andras and I will always have a particular romance with each other, and we will always love each other. But we are truly, madly and deeply good friends.

Looking back, what was your favourite scene, and the hardest scene to accomplish in ANOES?

My favorite scene from the film is where I got to really get into it with my on screen Mother (Brooke Bundy). She is a legend in the world of film. She taught me so much while we were filming together and I think we had great chemistry.
The hardest scene to film was following that scene where I am running up the stairs and into my room, as the camera is spinning. I was so sick… I was actually sick through the entire shoot, when we did the opening scene I got sick from the rain machines and I was working full time on this film a
nd on General Hospital. So when Renny was telling me to pass out on the floor I really felt that if I fell down and actually closed my eyes I was going to. He got mad at me because I didn’t want to do it. But of course like a good kid I did what I was told.
That was a really hard one for me.

How awesome was it to be asked back for Wes Craven’s New Nightmare? In Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, Craven seem to talk highly of you, what are your thoughts on Him?

I was really quite flattered with the whole thing. Wes had called me and told me that he was such a fan of my portrayal of Kristen and that he had followed my career for many years after I did NIGHTMARE, and that he just had to have me in there. After I said yes and showed up on the set, and noticed it was all the members from part 1 I was like… I am going to stick out like a soar thumb. But at the end of the day I was happy to work with Wes, and just show appreciation to the franchise that had helped launch my career. I will forever be thankful, and without Wes, there would be no franchise.

Your fans, want to know how the title track for ANOES4, which you preformed did not make it onto the soundtrack for the film. Can you fill us in on what happened there and where fans can find the song now?

The track is not officially released. And the reason why its not on the soundtrack is because… of reasons none of us will ever understand. I never really gave it too much thought. I was just happy that it ended up being the title song. What a great honor, its like being the first performance at the Grammy’s (A true honor).

You have had a successful career in music releasing two albums and singing back ground for Quiet Riot, do you have any intentions of continuing your with music?

I guess I would say my musical career has been successful. I actually have 5 albums (good luck trying to find 2 of them). Doing backing vocals with Quiet Riot was a great time. I was actually dating Kevin Dubrow at the time. But I had been singing for years. I will always continue to write music, it’s always going to have a great place in my heart. But acting has forever taken over as my passion in life.

Any final thought on and the series in general?

I think that I am very blessed to have been a part of a film that has such a great cult following. This will be a movie that will never be forgotten, and that new fans are discovering everyday.
It opened up the doors for me and a lot of actors that were in them, I can say for everyone that it was such a special time.

What is it your fans can expect from you in the future? Any thoughts on returning the horror genre in general?

…I have been thinking of doing another Horror film. I only did the one (2 if you count NEW NIGHTMARE) but nothing since. And I am a horror fan, so I am just looking for the right part. A lot has been offered over the years but nothing that fit me.

As requested by some of Tuesday Knight’s fans, these questions chosen to be asked to the Starlet.

Excluding the ANOES series what is your favourite horror film?

I really love Dead Silence. It’s hard to find a good horror film these days, but it really was scary and GOOD!

What is your favourite band?

So hard to say, I love Adam Lambert, Sheryl Crow, Susanna Hoffs and going back to bands from the 70 and 80’s. I like various music from all genres and eras.

Besides Kristen, which Elm Street Kid would you have liked to have had the opportunity to play?

I think I liked my character enough to say that I would do it again. I can’t really see myself in any other role.

What is your personal take on the reboot of A Nightmare On Elm Street?

It was almost like a movie within itself. It wasn’t Elm Street to me. It was almost a different film with some familiar death scenes. For a remake I think they did what they could, but it is such a hard film to remake.
Good try, but keep trying… lol.

After getting a chance to converse with Tuesday I came  to the conclusion that she is not only loved her for her great performances on-screen but that she is genuine and kind off-screen. Her strength and will in ANOES4 taught me that as a woman it was okay for me to stand up for myself, and that as a women, I can totally kick ass!

I greatly appreciate the time she took in answering my questions.



  1. i first discovered Tuesday just several years ago, remembering her from quite a few movies & TV shows I’ve seen. One of the first things I was interested in was knowing more about her as an individual, and interviews like this provide that. Tuesday gives a strength to her characters, and I think even the guys can appreciate it! Awesome interview guys!!

  2. Awesome interview.
    The Geek Power is strong in this one.

    Oh, Freddy friggin’ rules and I agree with Tuesday that the new NOES remake tried but the original is too iconic to trump that easily.

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