Rift 2011




Rift goes through more time-warps then a Tardis.  It was difficult to follow, the editing was shit. It cut back and forth from eras with no seg-way or even a fade. Director/Writer LazRael Lison, (who Produced the film PSYCH:9, another fucking mess) did a terrible job with Rift.  The dialogue is weak, the jokes don’t work, the acting was sub-par and the story left a bad taste in my mouth. Rift does not make sense. I did not enjoy this movie.. It is not one I would ever recommend to anyone.

As an audience member, it’s depressing to feel embarrassed for the performers. Few stood out, Tom Wright as Lieutenant Neil held things together.  This was a good choice for him to do, he really stands out as an excellent actor (especially next to his co-stars). Partner, Officer Kelly portrayed by Richmond Arquette was concrete in his role and it showed that he gave more of himself then the majority of so called actors in this movie who probably would be more happy if they were not mentioned. Leslie Easterbrook had a great scene playing Meagan Charms, the last of a set of twins.  She was both creepy and easy to empathize with. One of the best parts of Rift, a close second would the the credits.

Tom Wright , Richmond Arquette

The opening scene leaves everything to be desired. 1972, loud music, vengeful sex, a hooker, and an implied murder.  Not exactly the most subtle way to begin a flick and caught me off guard.  It is also the only scene with extreme violence, and should have been held off until later in the movie.  I didn’t like it.  I felt it was exploitative for the simple reason to shock the audience into feeling this film may indeed have something to it.

Cut to “present day”, meet Darcy Fowers who attempts to act out the lead role of Jennifer CampbellJennifer is driving down a busy highway, headed home to investigate the 2001 murder of a handful University students who died in the updated Town Creek Apartments.   Upon arrival to the apartment building , she picks the lock to the building like a professional, checks it out and returns nightly to a make shift photo lab. Her hopes are to figure out what happened to the students who viciously died. Through deducting evidence from photographs and old newspaper articles Jennifer finds a lead in Meagan Charms and solves the case putting herself in jeopardy. How Fowers managed to land the lead role in Rift is really beyond me.  She shows no emotion, any one of the actors used as sub-characters in this movie could have done it and with a sense of humanity.

Darcy Fowers

The students murdered in 2001 deserve to be killed.

Obnoxious, spoiled, trust fund babies with narcissistic personalities. Completely un-relatable.

Trying to let go of the terrible acting gave me an ulcer while watching Rift. The ensemble cast was bad. They couldn’t pass as strangers on a street, even if they were strangers on a street. Awkward and unprepared. Go back to drama class.

Figuring out what this movie is about isn’t worth the time.  By far one of the worst films I have had the displeasure of watching.

I am considering a law suit for the 1:35:36 of my time back due to Rift being a detriment to my sanity.  It is terrible, just terrible.



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