Victoria meaning and name origin

Victoria \v(i)-cto-ria, vic-toria\ as a girl’s name is pronounced vic-TOR-ee-ah. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Victoria isvictory“. Feminine form of Victor. Victoria was a goddess who smiled on the ancient Roman people for many centuries. Early Christians adopted the name, probably due to Saint Paul’s praise of “God, which giveth us the victory”.-TBN

There are people who see horror movies as being anti-feminist. Assumptions are made about female characters being stupid and incapable of taking care of themselves.

This is not the case.

Especially in recent years, with a number of movies based around the
Hero” defeating her Nemesis.
Some audiences seem oblivious to the notion that women have the opportunity to play characters that can break the rules, have sex, be naughty and still kick-ass!

The definition of Scream Queen varies from person to person.  Some would say its “The damsel in distress”  others would claim it “A heroine who defeats the villain, or “A chick who is the big-bad”.

Victoria De Mare
, what a Scream Queen is, and should be.

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She is not your typical-actress-type. Acting in More then 75 features, Victoria has maintained choices of courageous, lustful, head-strong roles. She comes across as a person with a lot of drive and passion for her work. Victoria is a go-after-what-you-want kind of lady. Someone who should be seen as a role-model to all girls (and boys) interested in the macabre.

Unaware of what I was in for, I waited for my balls to drop and took a chance to chat with the Scream Queen. An opportunity not soon forgotten.

My hopes for this interview is to not only display Victoria De Mare as an accomplished actress, but the hot, intelligent, witty, courageous, go-getter she is.

And so, the interview:

-You’re a professional ballet dancer, a published poet, an ASCAP songstress, you hold a B.A. in Theater Arts and Broadcast Journalism from New York University, and are an international model. Given your professional and educational background, what draws you into the macabre variety of entertainment?

VICTORIA– I have always been innately drawn to art with a dark edge/side. Horror/thriller/sci-fi/fantasy adventure films have always been the most exciting stories to me since I was a kid. I guess it is safe to say I have always known “who my people are” & where I belong.

-Considering that the horror genre tends to be frowned upon, what reactions did you receive from your family and friends when you chose that path in life?

VICTORIA– Everyone always has an opinion & what one person loves the next person hates. What has always been most important to me is what I like & what makes me happy. I don’t live my life for other people & I certainly don’t spend much time thinking about other people’s opinions. My true friends & my mother have always supported & encouraged me throughout my career & I have always been very grateful & appreciative of that support system.

-Being a bright, educated and well-rounded woman, did you find it difficult to come to terms with how females, including yourself, can be portrayed the entertainment business and, more specifically, the horror industry? Some examples I refer to include the archetypal hyper-sexualized Scream Queen or the oft portrayed physically weak female character.

VICTORIA– I have found through over a decade of experience that women in the entertainment industry & “horror world” are on the contrary very powerful. The most famous movie star of all time is a woman-Marilyn Monroe. And, the horror genre of filmmaking couldn’t exist without women. Being a “Scream Queen” is a great honor I will always cherish. My roles in horror films have always been very strong & not weak at all.

-Do you find that men and women are treated equally or differently in the films in which you have appeared or industry events you have attended? In your experience, would you consider the level of sexual harassment in your current career at par with previous jobs?

VICTORIA– The audiences of the films I have done watch them because of the women in them-not the men. I have found that the women are favored over the men, in my experience. And, even though I have only had jobs as an artist in the entertainment industry, I know that sexual harassment happens in every profession. When you are a pretty, sexy woman, men generally assume that you are stupid & promiscuous no matter what you do for a living. You just have to not tolerate it at all & set the record straight with the ignorant offender.

-Many of your movies, such as Kill Joy 3, Werewolf in a Women’s Prison, Bio Slime/Contagion (post-production), you are overtly provocative. Were these difficult roles for you because of how the character was stylized? How did you deal with the seductiveness of the role?

VICTORIA– “Mary” (a porn star) in ‘Bio Slime‘ (‘Contagion’ in Japan) & “Batty Boop” (a Succubus Demon Clown) in ‘Killjoy 3‘ were written for me, & “Sarah Ragdale” (a girl next door) in ‘Werewolf In A Women’s Prison‘ was a fighter. I don’t feel I was “sexualized” at all. A dripping sexual presence & energy is very powerful & all of those roles were very powerful to me to play. I loved playing those women & pushing the envelope of sexual power.

-You are obviously a hard working woman. You have 65 films under your belt and you are adding more with a number of films currently post production (The Prototype, Today is Yesterday Tomorrow, Dust Up, Ollo De Nollo). What gives you the drive to keep going?

VICTORIA– I’ve actually worked on over 75 Film & Television productions in my career thus far, but, unfortunately, not all of them are in the IMDb database yet, which is not at all as “up-to-date” & “accurate” as they claim to be, so only 65 of them are currently listed. I work all the time because my work is what makes me the happiest in life & I am point blank obsessed with accomplishing all my goals.

Roger Corman‘s Slaughter Studios has been credited as starting off your career in fright.  When did you realized that this was the path in life you wanted to take? Did you know right away or did some time pass before you knew you wanted to work within the horror genre?

VICTORIA– I knew since I was a kid that I wanted to work on horror films. It has been a dream come true. And, I cherish having worked with the legendary Roger Corman on two features. He is after all the “King of the Bs”.

-In Kill Joy 3, your character Batty Boop was really fun; she had her own mannerisms, voice, accent and personality. Obviously a well thought out figure. Batty was also very erotic. Did you find it difficult to balance the fun side of Batty and her killer, teeth-y, vixen half?

VICTORIA– The character of “Batty Boop” was scripted & physically designed (the makeup) for me by my dear friend & colleague John Lechago, who only told me that he wanted her to have some kind of an accent & that’s it. I created everything else-her behavior, movement, the accent, etc. And, she was a Succubus Demon from hell who seduced her prey with her sexuality for the kill, so if I didn’t want to embrace that sexual fire, then I wouldn’t have ever accepted a role playing a Succubus, since that is what they do by nature.

-Which film that you have been a part of that you most proud of and why?

VICTORIA– I am proud of all of my work, but I am most proud of ‘Killjoy 3 aka Killjoy’s Revenge‘ as well as ‘Killjoy Goes To Hell‘ (currently in post-production) as “Batty Boop” because of all the points mentioned above, & another role in an edgy feature drama I am not currently at liberty to discuss right now, but when it is released worldwide, you will know why.

-Has there been any roles that you found easy to play, or enjoyed more, because you could personally identify with parts of their personality or character? If so who and why?

VICTORIA– I don’t find any of the roles I have portrayed to be “easy” & I love & enjoy everyone I play or else I wouldn’t want to live in their skin as them. And, none of the roles in my work have come anywhere close to who I am personally, so I haven’t personally identified with any of them.

-On your site, it says:

“In 2006, the media deemed Victoria “Hollywood’s Hottest Scream Queen” and in 2008 dubbed her a “Terror Titan” in the horror/sci fi world.”

For most of us in the horror community a Scream Queen is an Idol. Can you explain what that means to you to have earned a status like that?

VICTORIA– A recent casting notice using my name referred to me as a “Horror Icon”, which blew my mind! And, when the media began to tag me as “Hollywood’s Hottest Scream Queen” & a “Terror Titan”, I was also floored! It is a great honor to be referred to as such, & I will cherish it for the rest of my life. It gives me a sense of accomplishment that marks this milestone in my constantly evolving career.

-What advice would you have for an aspiring Scream Queen?

VICTORIA– If you are an aspiring “Scream Queen”, know that it is a job first & foremost & be prepared to leave your inhibitions at the door.

-What can your fans expect from you in the future?

VICTORIA– My fans should expect complete world domination in entertainment from me in the very near future. In other words, “you ain’t seen NOTHING yet!”

-Can you give any info on your upcoming “Victoria De Mare” album?

VICTORIA– My new self-titled 13 track pop/rock debut record-‘Victoria De Mare’- currently receiving rotation airplay on FM & Internet stations in 8 countries worldwide with a slated summer 2012 digital release (see details of airplay on the News Page of my official website Stay tuned for upcoming tour dates to be announced & follow me on Twitter.

Any last words for your fans?

VICTORIA– I am eternally grateful to all my fans worldwide who continue to support & encourage me to live my dreams through my work & I encourage them to do the same. Nothing is impossible & everything you can create in your mind/dreams can become your reality, so what are you waiting for??? Get going! 🙂 xo

My conclusion?  Victoria De Mare is a remarkable person. Someone to be admired by younger generations to come, as a Icon, Scream Queen, Role Model, and a Feminist in her own right.

Horror movies DO NOT depict all women as helpless!  Female characters DO NOT have to be blonde with giant fake boobs, and they DO NOT have to be saved by a man! Often it’s the men who need the saving.

Feel empowered! 

We women have come a long way since the days of being clubbed over the head. …Err, well.  At least in real life.  …Not so much in movies.



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