A number of feature films try to replicate the grittiness of slasher movies from the ’70’s/’80’s.  Not often does a flick correctly capture the essence of an era lost, and, make it relatable to today’s audience.

Madison County is a film that traps the viewer’s attention and holds it until the end.

From the first sequence, this movie is painfully captivating.  Madison county gives way for a  horrifically delightful ride.

The plot is based around a group of friends taking a road trip to Madison County, with  hopes of interviewing a reclusive author whose novel depicts a number of murders in the quaint back-woods town years earlier.

Once the team of college students reach Madison County, the locals assure them the novel is fiction and the author hasn’t lived in the area for years.

Not satisfied with the information, the group digs for clues about the town’s history.  They find themselves in jeopardy when the legend of Damien and his Killing Spree becomes more real than the towns-people were willing to let on.

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This white-knuckle horror owned all the key elements to a classic film.

Throw backs to features like 1974’s  Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ’77’s The Hills Have Eyes, ’80’s Mother’s Day and ’63’s  Lord of The Flies, are used in a way that honors the notoriety of these classics.

Writer/Producer/Director Eric England created a back story which intrigues the viewer. He succeeded at providing feelings of suspicion, paranoia, a forceful sense of terror, along with brief comedic interludes.  Here’s hoping there will be a sequel.

The lead actors, Ace Marrero, Colley Bailey, Natalie Scheetz, Matt Mercer, and Joanna Sotomura  followed through with their characters and gave life to the script.  It was impressive to watch the five work together as friends and as shitty friends.  They did a wicked job assisting in the already creepy atmosphere.

Matt Mercer as Will, seemingly a door-mat of a man with a bad-boy side is a great character. Not what you would typically expect in a horror movie. Mercer can also be seen acting in another must watch movie, Diary of a Serial Killer.
Brooke, played by Sotomura, is the friend that no one would want. Brooke gave for an unexpected and wrongly enjoyable twist to the plot.  An actress that fit into her role perfectly, hopefully she will continue with the fright films.
Nick Principe from Hatchet 2 and the Laid to Rest  franchise did another awesome job playing Damien in Madison County. In his near 6 years acting and playing out our favourite villains, Principe has become well-known for his evil choices in roles. Usually the face behind the mask, yet an actor well worth the look.

Madison County has managed to make my top 10 movie list. A feat not easily obtained.

The film relies on the back story Englund designed.  An imagination like his will take this movie making new-comer far in the fright genre. One can assume he will be admired for years because of his refreshing ideas and smooth style of Directing.  Other movies he took charge of are Hostile EncounterRoadside (post) and Contracted (filming).

Having seen this movie several times, I can assure my readers that this will reach a cult-status and looked back on as a great accomplishment for the horror film industry.

Get off your ass and go grab a copy!


One thought on “MADISON COUNTY :D

  1. This sounds really interesting and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this till now. I have faith that Englund knows hes doing too. Great post and thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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