Writer, director and editor Tim Porter from Greenwich England has plastered Facebook with quotes from viewers who have recently watched his new short Joshua.

Gavin Stenhouse, NYC Actor: “Well done! Nice twist. That was very dark..”

Niki Mylonas: “Well done Tim! Joshua is a disturbing film but one artistically created.”

Tom Guilmette, Cinematographer in Boston: “Well shot, I liked the HH style.”

Peppa Lubojacki: Tim, this is so good! I am not going to sleep tonight. To quote Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer’s tagline: “He’s not Freddy. He’s Not Jason, His Real!

No, Joshua is not Fred or Jason, but simply a very disturbed human being.  Do not go into Joshua hoping for a horror. That’s not what you will get. It’s a quick look into the mind of a child-predator and the workings of his psyche.

The short beings with the introduction of Joshua, a man who wearing his soiled briefs making his way to the couch facing the tele tuned into a child’s program. He shouts for his friend Paul.

Cut to a bus ride where we are informed about Joshua‘s arrogant feelings towards how he relates to the opposite sex.  We learn he has met a female whom he has no clue how to talk to, someone he refers to as ‘perfect’.

Later, the female, a girl, Eileen is brought to a diner and given to Joshua.  Finally the 15 minute film ends on a loving note as Joshua leans his head on his companion/partner Paul’s shoulder.

Joshua takes time-leaps from the clean up and implied death of the little lass, to the washing of blood off of himself, flushing something down the toilet to a personal view of a panic attack throughout the short.  It works for this as it film itself is a 1/4 of an hour.  If I were to have to sit for a full feature with the time jumps going on as quickly as they did I probably wouldn’t watch it all the way through.

There are aspects visually and plot wise which could have been explained better.  I had to read online that it was a penis thrown into the toilet and this after watching very closely three times, I honestly could not figure out what it was. My other questions would be how did he recover so fast to be able to move a mattress and the ‘body’ to a dumpster after loosing his Johnson?

The ring given to Joshua from Eileen was also something that could have been cut or given a reason behind. Because of the lack of explanation that sentiment came across as an in-your-face-ninth-grade-metaphore.  There is no reason for the girl to have the ring and to hand it over the way she did. I asked Porter about the ring and what was behind it, he lacked a response.

The directing throughout the film is thoughtfully done.  The construction site scene is erratic with perceived violence due to the lack of care taken with the set and background noise.   Like Porter did with the use of colour, ideally he would have followed that juxtaposition with the camera mode. Switching from a hand-held during the more savage scenes like the cement jungle to a tripod during segments like in the diner where we’re introduced to Eileen. It would have given a deeper layer to the film and delivered a stronger sense of seriousness.

Actors Arash Salimi, Nancy Boo Orchis Evans, and Christian Okoli were great at giving this piece some life. Salimi gave a respectful and honest performance as Joshua.  Nacy Boo who took the role of Eileen was a great fit and conveyed a sense of confusion and strength very well. High fives to that kid.  Okoli was conceivable as a best friend to Joshua, however I felt some distance from the actor. Perhaps he was holding back due to the plot.

Jason Long: “The camera work is amazing. Loved the black and white to color. Also get job on the story. It has that very uncomfortable but can’t stop watching cause you want to see where this is going feeling. Things like this is way more horrifying then some slasher running around killing teenagers. Great job”.

There was little to no violence actually on-screen and whether or not Joshua is a repeat offender does not make this character one that would ever be capable of reaching that kind of status in today`s pop-culture.  To be fair, Joshua is a very unlikable character yet the short has nothing to do with a psychotic-supernatural-killer who can`t die.

Not a fan of the above comment and otherr reference to a specific sub-genre of horror which the feature Joshua does not fit into.

In finality, Joshua is 15 minutes so to say it isn’t worth the time seems really silly, and it is.  Porter did a good job for his age, maturity and skills. The story is thought provoking and has caused the young 23 year old to endure death threats since it’s premiere on Oct 4th 2012 (as I have been informed by the director/writer himself).

All in all I would say check this film out. Joshua was dark and worn like I enjoy my movies. Was it gory enough for me? No. It is however a good example of a low-budget film-noir.

Porter‘s plans for the future are to create a full length feature called Eileen based on his the short Joshua.  The concept artwork is already finished and from what I had last heard the script is nearly completed, calling for a quick release.



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