Something about Red Lights caught my fancy.  Two professionals taking their time to debunk so-called psychics who earn their living off of the misery of others.  Sigourney Weaver gives great performance as Psychologist Margret Matheson, a woman whose faith was lost due to a tragic incident with her son, while Cillian Murphy shines as her assistant Tom Buckley a lonely man who keeps his motives to expose the fakes to himself.

As someone who is agnostic I rather enjoyed the points of view of Dr. Matheson and really enjoyed her fiery character. Weaver has always had insight for picking out strong, sexy roles usually of women you don’t want to cross.  In Red Lights she played much the same character on a smaller scale.  Matheson wasn’t looking for more in life, not searching for the meaning behind it and accepted the ‘ants on a sand-hill’ explanation for our existence.  That said she was also a human.  One whose innate hope had driven her to doubt her theories and the guilt over that continued to plague her into the present.  This is where Robert De Niro‘s character Simon Silver comes in as he was the man behind Matheson’s quick gasp of faith. The past between the two is kept simple as the real drama between the forces is about to ignite.  As much as I love De Niro he didn’t stand out to me as the excellent actor he is.  I was disappointed and felt a sense of corniness with his approach to Silver, as though he lacked passion for the film.  Cillian Murphy gave life to Tom Buckley.  Very much a follower of Matheson’s he attends her personal visits with clients and pushes the Doctor to investigate Silver and his abilities while not fully understanding her reluctancey to confront the famous psychic.  Thus bringing the audience to the predictable ending, which, even though was foreshadowed tremendously by Buckley’s lies about his past and avoidance of answering the question “…why do you do this?” still held up and was entertaining.

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This feature would probably stand as one of writer/director Rodrigo Cortés most notorious film to date and will no doubt bring him many more opportunities in the future.  The storyline feels more realistic for viewers like myself who are looking for movies have a relatable point of view.  There were no churches, no priest nor little choir boys.  This film felt very scientific in its approach and great appreciation goes to Cortés for not throwing-up the bible on his audience and still delivering an excellent supernatural thriller.

So what? It’s a bit outlandish in the finale. The character’s are what the movie is about, their need for seeking out and ruining those who claim to have extra abilities.  I liked the movie what can I say?  If it had more blood and guts and a serial killer fit in logically somehow it would contain nearly all the elements for what I would consider an awesome fucking flick.

Am I saying this is the thriller to end all thrillers? No. Red Lights is however a great Friday night movie to watch with a friend and some popcorn, preferably Orville Redenbacher’s because it’s the best. Oh, let’s not forget that cutie Toby Jones who is delightful in Red Lights as he is usually is.

Looking forward to what Cortés comes up with next.



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