What the hell did I just watch?   Seriously, what the fuck was that??

Expecting more of a reboot, Silent Night was a massive let down for me. With only minor hints of the 1984 classic Silent night, Deadly Night this movie was a fail.  The use of the title is insulting to fans who were wanting a reprise of Billy and ended up with a mash between Leprechaun, Sorority House Massacre, and the deuce I left in my toilet this morning.

Oh Malcolm McDowell, how ye have fallen.  With a respectable career spanning decades he has most certainly been underestimating himself lately.  I forgave McDowell for Suing the Devil and Mr. Magoo because I know he is a great actor when challenged.  Some choices made as recently as 2012′s Excision, were brilliant and he should have stolen the show. Instead he lacked the luster he had during the 70′s with films like A Clockwork Orange.  It appears his voice over work for Marvel and DC are what he has decided is the best he can do, and it shows.  McDowell‘s portrayal of Sheriff Cooper was over the top and it felt like every other character he has opted to play in the past.  The Sheriff should have been more adapted to that particular style of living and McDowell should not have regressed to his ‘too good for everyone’ attitude he expresses often on the big and small screen.


From the set of one remake (Mother’s Day) to another, Jamie King also missed the mark in Silent Night.  I have not seen her appear quite so unreasonably neurotic in a film. Her character Aubrey Bradimore went from a super sweet-child like woman cutting to a bad-ass swearing at Santa in public to screaming in terror from actually having to do her job as the Fuzz.  King‘s performance was laughable at times.  Her back-story was skimmed over (edited out) and left for a of questions about her mental state, and mine as it was truly frustrating.


Who did shine in Silent Night Donal Logue was excellent and believable. Having been in a number of flicks I adore including Comic Book Villains, Zodiac and the early episodes of The X-filesLogue is an actor who deserves more recognition for his contributions and skills.   Likewise for Mike O’Brien.  He hit the mark on his role of a truly disturbed Santa Claus, Stein Karsson, and gave for one hell of a creepy performance.  From Corner Gas to Silent Night, I expect to see much more in the future from O’Brien.

This movie makes little sense.  There is no real explanation about Bradimore’s husband and what tragedy happened the year prior that repeatedly was brought up.  Not only was this bothersome, but made it impossible to relate to her as a person. It made her a joke.  Keeping the murder with the mounted deer head and the Santa slasher’s background was not enough for me as a fan of the original Silent Night, Deadly Night.  Writer Jayson Rothwell  relied too  much on tits & ass to keep the story interesting, I can only assume a lot of the key parts were cut from the final product.


Director Steven C. Miller did a decent job. In my opinion with the cast not meshing and not working to the best of their abilities, bad editing and the film not living up to it’s expectations as a remake, Silent Night may end up being somewhat of a mistake to have taken on, for anyone. What would be awesome to see is a directors cut of Silent Night and what Miller would have done with it himself.  A flick that worked well and directed by Miller is Scream of the Banshee. It might be a little corny as it is made for the tele, however it does show off his ability to guide a good production. A superior film?  I am not sure of that, but will admit it’s been watched more than once in my home.


What is good about Silent Night?  The effects.  The kill scenes for the most part are gory and appreciated by someone like myself.  With a light story the FX really helped me follow through until the end.  There were two scenes specifically that I will not ruin, but were bloody, violent and fun to watch.  They made the flick for me. Would like to take the time to say the cinematography was well done and the shots themselves were clean, just would have been nice if everything matched up a bit more.

So, will this be a year around watch for me?  Nope, but during the Yuletide Season I guarantee Silent Night will be playing several times in my home. Face it, Christmas horrors are not the easiest to come by, I will take what I can get.


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