Seven years ago on Halloween a young girl disappeared, now seven years later young women are being kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. The only link between them all is that they belonged to the same babysitter club as the missing girl. Who could be doing this and can they be stopped?

DSC_1114 copyHenrique Couto (the man in the middle), a individual and Renaissance Man if I have ever met one has birthed something I could never have seen coming.  His recent release Babysitter Massacre is a violent and suspenseful blood-fest.  This film is what a good massacre flick should be.  When questioned about why he chose the massacre theme this time Couto replied Since I was very young I loved the “Massacre” films like Slumber Party Massacre, Sorority Massacre, etc. I had always wanted to create something along those lines. I had also been seeing a lot of slasher movies come and go that weren’t trying to be scary, they weren’t trying to be suspenseful, they were just basically being referential. I didn’t seek out to make a big homage to other films like it, I sought to make a flick that could sit on the shelf next to them.

DSC_1080 copyThe storyline follows the reemergence of a masked man who captured and killed a local teen (who with her friends formed a babysitters club) from Ray Falls, Ohio seven years prior to present date.  It’s now Halloween night, Bianca (Marylee Osborne) believes the killer is back to pursue the remaining members of the  babysitter’s club, and she is right! Between shots of torture, boobies and photos sent to a cell we learn the killer is back for blood and lives are in jeopardy. Underneath the gore is separate and blonder storyline where Arlene (Tara Clark) and her friends  – well, you’ll have to watch to see…

Because I felt the characters were very strong and that the casting of say, Osborne playing Bianca was really well chosen I asked Couto how he came up with the characters and if he wrote for specific actors/actresses, and responded thusly, “I try to come up with a few characters that I can connect with, they need to have something about them that is very human. I usually aim for a flaw, something that makes them less than perfect that can allow you to identify with them. I often pull from loved ones for characteristics to make it believable then I just try to hammer out why they would do the things I need them to do to benefit the story.When able to write for a specific actor it helps speed things up a lot, the key to getting the writing going is having a strong visualization going. Even if you don’t get the people you were originally writing for it will work out just fine.”

BSM2The FX in Babysitter Massacre are well done and admittedly I cringed during the first shot of torture in this movie.  The effects seemed well thought out and came across with just the right amount of realism. The gore was not hidden either, in the editing room Couto took his time allowing for the majourity of painful shots to last long enough for the viewer to actually see, where many films give quick glimpses to imply suffering but not actually give the effort to pull through with it.  Pyrotechnics were also employed in the Babysitter Massacre which was unexpected, I totally loved it.

I want to point out how well done the background music was.  Every song fit like a puzzle to what was happening on-screen.  For me, when the melody is off the entire film is off.  Coutoes to Couto for getting that done right. Sadly, and possibly vainly, the only real thing that kept bothering me throughout the film was the ill-fitting brassières. It bothered me and looked uncomfortable.  Always measure and never trust what people say are their measurements!!! 🙂

As for where Babysitter Massacre can be bought, Couto says, “Babysitter Massacre is being distributed by Alternative Cinema, we don’t have a date but before the end of the year it will be everywhere you buy DVDs online and on many many video on demand platforms.”

Babysitter Massacre is a film I will come back to many times.  Fully enjoyable for all the horror senses!  Click here to view the official trailer: Official Babysitter Massacre Trailer. Don’t forget to Like Babysitter Massacre on Facebook: Babysitter Massacre.

DSC_1017 copy

Below are more questions and answers with writer, director Henrique Couto:

Watching the film, are there any parts you wish you could go back and change, or do you feel you conveyed yourself in a way that represents what you had in mind for this feature
– “Seeing them alive on the screen is an interesting experience, at that point you’ve spent so many hours writing, so many hours shooting, so many hours editing, and then so many hours fixing sound. It starts to feel like it is just a jumble of material, but when it all comes together and you are able to appreciate it that is a big pay off to making films.”

Are there things you would have liked to have in Babysitter Massacre that you just ended up unpractical and had to be cut? What is that like for the writer in you?
“There are always things you have to cut out on movies that are made for this cheap. One of the reasons I like to write for myself is that I can keep all of those things in mind and not have to disappoint myself a lot. So sure, there would be lots of things I’d love to have in the film, but I’d say out of the script I only cut one or two things due to budget and schedule.”

If you had to choose one role for your next film, would you rather write or direct?
“I would rather direct, writing is interesting and it lets your brain muscle really get a chance to flex, but directing is where I am most passionate. I love being on set, working with actors, getting the camera where I want it. I even love the thrill of staying on schedule.”

What are you working on now that Babysitter Massacre is finished?
– “I’m actually just a few weeks from rolling camera on my first foray into family comedy with A Bulldog for Christmas, which I hope people really get a kick out of. It has most of the cast and crew of Babysitter Massacre on board and I think it will give us all a chance to show we are diverse in our skill set.”

Thank you to Couto for taking the time to answer my questions and I will be looking for a sequel to Babysitter Massacre!




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