Rigor Mortis blew my mind. Hands down Takashi Shimizu‘s best work to date. An extremely well thought out film. Many character plots that unravel into a set of circumstances that makes perfect sense in a realm where near anything seems possible. Complicated as all hell but, easy to follow.

22298746_Still_Rigor%20Mortis_7I’m not going to bother trying to find a flaw in the cinematography, it was fucking beautiful to watch. The ghosts were typical of Takashi Shimizu‘s earlier work (pick any Ju-on) but had something special that set them apart. While on film, the spirits and those possessed had a veiny, liquid like aura that didn’t seem evil but, like the twins themselves, a product of their demise. There is one scene where it feels like Shimizu is giving homage to Stephen King’s “The Shining”. There are no other parallels between the films than one shot. Or, perhaps I am looking too deep.

People, ghosts, vampires, oh my! The actors has mountains to climb with the script and in having faith in Shimizu every one, every thing, it all worked like a key in a finicky lock. Anthony Chan, Kara HuiSiu-Ho Chin and, Chun-Man Ko totally deserve all the praise that has come their way since the release of Rigor Mortis.

I love a good mystery and a film that you can tell has been cared for. Rigor Mortis has earned a spot on my Top Ten Films list. It is perfect in nearly every way.




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