This post has been UPDATED after a number of comments claiming I was over reacting and wrong about HERO FEST. Oh, and standing up and speaking out was anti-feminism and I should be ashamed.
“It’s Hysteria!”
Give me a fucking break.

The changes will prove I was right the entire time and people should take heed when someone in the community is trying to warn them of a potential scam.



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When I first heard of the comic con, HERO FEST, coming to Kingston it was only a matter of minutes before I wrote in to volunteer.
Once getting in contact with David Wyldstar I was approved as a volunteer and later received a promotion. Although it was inquired about, nothing was ever made clear to me as far as my duties.

I did a fair bit of promoting for the con and was asked to be volunteer coordinator , Wyldstar said there were 5 volunteers and agreed to my request to open a private group us to organize (it turned out to be two, plus me).
After not hearing from him for a few days I received the following email and replied as you can see in this screen grab…


After a weeks of waiting for Wyldstar to come in to the City, there was finally a notice put up on the HERO FEST VOLUNTEER page saying he was coming in and he we would all meet.

fdgsd (2)

The problem was he did not confirm that he was in town and from I gathered from a conversation another volunteer started with me, he came in town but did not show up for meeting, nor did he let anyone know.

When I finally received a response, Wyldstar about his absence at the meeting he did NOT answer a single question I asked. Instead he posted on another question stating he will be back tomorrow.
fdgsd (4)

It wasn’t a challenge to deduce that Wyldstar/HERO FEST made it to Kingston that Sunday. He just didn’t bother going to his own meeting he asked his volunteers to be at, one of whom lost a shift a work to go.


Before this happened, Kingstonites were starting to smell foul play.
Here is a PM that I received from someone who was working with Wildstar and was having major trust issues.
Underneath is a statement from HERO FEST saying when tickets will be available, some questioning locals, along with a retort from the Kasey Ferguson Show, whom I respect very much however, have a difference of opinion on the situation in front of us…


herodefends1 (3)

I question who HERO FEST claims as their sponsors and the contradiction to what was on their offical site. Radio stations and newspapers are supposed to inform the City of events and what is going on around us. That is not the same as being legit sponsor. That is called “their job”. As much as The Kasey Ferguson Show defends HERO FEST (sans plug for IAMGEEKER from both HERO FEST/Wyldstar and Kasey Ferguson Show – I get it, I don’t have a dick) this convention didn’t add up…


Meanwhile, my stomach turned when posts started popping up making fun of an Actor that HERO FEST claimed cancelled on the event.
Here is a screen grab of the notification from HERO FEST that Nicholas Brendon had scheduling issues…


In the next screen grab you can read how Kingstonions took the information, and my response trying to explain there was still a lot to look forward to. You’ll also read where I spoke my mind about the tastelessness of posting a link joking about Nicholas Brendon‘s personal issues, especially when addiction is involved…


Unfortunately,  HERO FEST posted the link on their own merit, for what reasons I can not  fathom, mocking Nicholas Brendon. This is very questionable because Wyldstar made a point earlier of saying Nicholas Brendon would be coming to Kingston this summer. Doesn’t sound like that will be happening.
Being someone who has gone to rehab twice in my 35 years I find this type of humor very low brow and it tends to come from lower educated louses’. It is sketchy and offensive that a professional in the convention arena would post the following on their official page…


So, I quit. I don’t like negativity and figured this con was too sketchy for my involvement.


HEROFEST had to finally let Kingstonites know a Doctor of the Who variety wouldn’t be showing up. It was claimed that it was on short notice.  Many locals  were upset because of the many cancellations and the price of the tickets. It was the ONLY time the poster wasn’t updated until after the actual con took place. The information also came out from one of the ticket holders questioning HeroFest on their page.

There were one or two household names there but, nothing worth what was paid for. The celebrity guests were even lowering their own prices to lure people in. There were sad Deleks, excellent costumes with no one to see them, a stand up poster of the phone booth for people to, uh, take pictures with…

HEROFEST was a fail and I’m glad I jumped ship when I did.

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9 thoughts on “HEROFEST? ZEROFEST!

      • Haven’t been on here in a while and have noticed that people have been trolling this site, in particular this post.
        I do not wish to converse with anyone about it, it’s long over now, probably four months since I quit.
        Been doing good things with good people and don’t need to be reminded of a crappy con that I quit volunteering for.

        I will leave you with the thoughts of someone who message me about HeroFest, as this is pretty much the summary of all people and other volunteers who took the time to find me and message their concerns. Another reason I did not want to continue with this con.

        “Please forgive the unsolicited message but I was reading your blog post about Herofest Kingston and I am a bit concerned. I’m actually supposed to be at that show, promoting our own show, XXXXXXX XXXXXXX …, but now I’m not so sure I want my show associated with his show in anyway, given the posting and others I’ve seen as well. Some people are actually thinking the show is fake? I too got a strange vibe from him during communications. It seems like they started too big and are now scrambling to make things work, whereas we are starting small (65+ Vendor Tables isn’t exactly small, but no guests for this year).” -Anonymous Male

  1. BRAVO! There are so many people who attempt to run an event and put a half-assed effort it, then blame others for lack of support. Like other events that have been poorly organized HEROFEST will probably fall on its face. Not your fault, girl. You can’t make a purse out of a sow’s ear.

  2. Reblogged this on The Diary of El and commented:

    There’s not much that I have to say.
    This whole con makes me very nervous. After being asked to be volunteer coordinator, and finding out from another volunteer, who contacted me today, that Wyldstar didn’t show up for the meeting he planned for a week, I was pretty unimpressed.
    He wants us to take time out of our schedule to put up posters, advertise and sell tickets ourselves. Though, he doesn’t have the respect to make a meeting he planned, not even a message saying he wouldn’t show up. Then posting that he might be in tomorrow, as if we don’t have lives and can drop every thing for Wyldstar.
    He actively avoided all questions I had about issues like sponsorship packages etc. It was outright rude.
    In my opinion joking about a Actor/person arrest for what is clearly a alcohol problem is not okay with me and, I choose to not work with people who think that kind of humor is okay.
    From talking with the other volunteer I had learned a lot more but was unable to write about it as there was no proof. Things like a post was made and taken down warning volunteers they have to buy their own tickets. I do not know if this is true but, assume from how things are being run that it is.
    Actions speak louder than words, the actions of HERO FEST are not up to my standards.
    My volunteering was an asset and like all the other volunteers should be treated as such. Plus, all the cross promoting and no one (unless I asked) mentioning any of the work I’ve put in is a slap in the face. This is clearly a boys club.
    You would quit too…

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  4. If you want acknowledgment simply ask organizers for it in a diplomatic way- don’t brood and sulk in silence and claim sexual discrimination – When I volunteer I ask for some kind of written statement of praise at the end > IF they wish to do it; and they do . Women broke through the glass ceiling by being assertive – not groaning in silence. Brandon has issues that are beyond alcoholism and he himself has created chaos and pain in other peoples lives and events; so don’t sulk for him as a victim. Big events are chaotic, and if you volunteer for them expect chaos and challenges to workaround and even suggestions not being used – nobody is forcing you to not live your regular scheduled life so I’m not sure why you are acting as if you’re on parole. Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t be surprised if in your friend circles people are wary of you by the way you try to rashly spread ill-will and rumours. Try and be less paranoid in life.

    • Actually, I volunteer all the time. Which is why I knew this wasn’t a sound project. In the end I was right about Hero Fest and anyone can see that by talking to the people that went or, reading their sincere disappointment that “Dr. Who” wasn’t showing and they weren’t given proper notice (only time the poster was NOT updated) or, looking at the pictures of bare rooms filled with a Tardis and now pointless Daleks. Celebs were lowering their prices to lure people in to the con. This is not what a success sounds like.
      Cancelling their biggest guest (Colin Baker) and hiding the info from the con-goers was a huge mistake. And, to be clear, the was no brooding or sulking in silence. I wrote an article about it for people to read. That is being assertive as I was when I quit.

      While this was going on I headed an auction for charity, helped work on two grant applications for lower class areas of my City along with helping gather donations to re-build a community garden. No problem finding volunteer opportunities at all. Why? Because I am honest and up front and do what is expected of me. Thank you for your worry though.

      Saying because I am a woman that I shouldn’t have written this is pretty low. Hysteria was disproven a long time ago, friend. My gender has nothing to do with the article and if you want to go there, it suggests that women should be taken more seriously and not brushed off, as we all know after the fact Kingston was NOT impressed with Hero Fest.
      Sadly your comment if anything set us back, not me standing up for my City and informing them of a junk con in the future.

      Sorry, maybe you can find someone to play in to your trolling. That’s not me.

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