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The Living Corpse has been  “Kicking Ass and Eating Brains” for 3 years. iZombie has been  “Kicking Ass and Taking Brains” for a month.

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This is not a question of whether or not the tagline Kicking Ass and Eating/Taking Brains was stolen by upcoming comic book turned serial iZombie from the masterminds behind The Living Corpse comic book and film The Amazing Adventures of The Living Corpse (Buz Hasson/Ken Haeser), it is a question of what are they (iZombie) going to do about it.

548606_390766454344801_1600408869_nOne could chalk it up to flattery, however, it’s not. It is very sad when creators from the same genre are stealing from one another. If anyone knows, it should be fellow comic book artist/writers. It isn’t an easy job and getting attention for your comic books, no matter how excellent it may be, is a chance in a million. This is a career of passion, and to see this kind of thievery is sickening to fans of both The Living Corpse and iZombie.  To out right plagiarize a fellow artists is really just a douche-bag move. The entire industry is based on creativity. Actions like this says little for the show iZombie and what to expect from it.

When pressed for a comment, Buz Hasson had this to day I don’t think it’s a coincidence after seeing how far it’s left the original source material from the comic“.  He is right. It would be hard to prove this a coincidence as the phrase isn’t one used by anyone I know in their daily-weekly-monthly vocabulary. At the root of this is basic thievery. Ken Haeser had this to add “I’m not surprised. When was the last time Hollywood had an original idea?

What will happen, if anything? Who knows, but this fan will not be watching iZombie. There are far better programs and films that do not steal as they see fit.




  1. So… did you look at those 2 pictures and go: “Yeah, the words ‘eating’ and ‘taking’ are exactly the same”? I hope you don’t expect other people to also be that stupid.

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