Poor Paul Sheldon.



In 1990 with a fresh decade ahead of the entertainment industry Stephen King‘s novel Misery was released on film.  It is easy to recall the hype of this flick and the rave review it received. James Caan andKathy Bates came together as leads and blew the audience and critics away. Bates was well suited for the role and was convincing having to let loose during her characters emotional exploits. It was impressive to watch her throughout the film.  Caan fit well playing a frustrated author who is given no choice but to try to keep Annie pleased with him to avoid the torture that arises along with her anger.  Both gave excellent performances.

Misery follows Paul Sheldon (Caan), a wordsmith who recently ended his long running series of novels ‘Misery’s Child‘ .  On a drive to his country retreat Sheldon’s car runs…

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