Great interview with Eric Forsberg for the incredibly hard to watch film “Torture Room”!


Torture Room2007

Eric Forsberg

A young American woman with a history of Arab boyfriends is targeted by homeland security, accosted, dragged in for questioning and held as a prisoner in a secret facility where she is tortured and brainwashed, all in the name of “security”, under the protection of the Patriot Act.”

 Eric Forsberg‘sTorture Room (Pledge of Allegiance)is a serious and thought provoking film.  A leap from films like Arachnoaquake andMega Piranha, the lighter movies that Forsbergis known for.  Torture Room was extremely intense and in all honesty, took me two times to get through my first attempt at watching it.

This feature is very well done and an excellent example of a political horror, pitted around the American Military and leaked media during the time of the Bush Jr. era.
Torture Room is disturbing, dark and caused…

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