I am very proud to introduce the new header for IAMGEEKER and the artist
Buz Hasson!

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10721061_364412737051086_1935614792_nYears ago (doesn’t seem that long, except it was) I frequented one of the best horror comic books sites I have ever come across, Comic Monsters.  Through this site I met Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser, creators of The Living Corpse comic series.  It wasn’t until I took part in a Halloween give-away that I really got to get to know the pair and become somewhat of online friends.

My prize for the contest that year was some engraved beer steins with the TLC logo on them, I managed to get two extra done and sent them to Buz and Ken themselves.  And, that is how we started talking.


Over the years I have followed Buz‘s journey from comic book artist to movie maker.  He is an exceptional talent who deserves a lot of  praise, though, unlikely to want to take it.

When I started looking for a personalized header for IMAGEEKER, my thoughts went straight to my favourite artists.  Buz took on the job and when I saw the finished product it blew me away. I am very thankful to display a personal header created by Buz Hasson.


Over the years both Buz and Ken have sent me the odd piece of artwork. Did a great Sherlock Holmes/Zombie picture for a gift for me to give my father, and even sent a postcard from the last day of shooting the TLC movie  with someone’s foot print on it, I can only imagine the celebration they had.  Buz has always been more than kind to me and treated me like a friend, not just a fan.


To learn more of Buz‘s accomplishments and watch the trailer for The Adventures of The Living Corpse (which features the addictive voice of Maria Olsen) below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Co-Creator/Artist of The Living Corpse comic and film The Adventures of The Living Corpse, Cover Artist for Dynamite Entertainment, Comic Book artist on Asylum Films feature JailBait, creature designer and cover artist for Traplight Media.  ’96 graduate of the Joe Blasco School for Professional Make-up Fx, Former make up artist for Universal Studios and Maestro Fx and worked on such films as Sum of Fears, $la$her$, in Quebec, Canada. Fourteen year professional tattoo artist Explosive Tattoo featured in Rebel Ink magazine Sept/Oct 1012. Personal site Buzworld.net



UPDATED: Tagline too close for comfort:
The Living Corpse has been  “Kicking Ass and Eating Brains” for 3 years.
iZombie has been  “Kicking Ass and Eating Brains” for a month.

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