Sadly the annual Zombie Walk for Kingston, ON was cancelled this year due to lack of funding.
Alas, when a door closes behind you, there is a whole new world in front of you. Local Ben Kent has jumped at the opportunity in this brave new world to begin a new Zombie Walk for the residents of the city of Kingston.
His reasons are simple and heart felt, the same as many participants in the annual Zombie Walk. It is tradition, it is something families can do together and, a heck of a lot of fun.
Here is the information thus far concerning the initiative to start a brand spanking new Zombie Walk for our community to participate in. It always amazes me when someone sees something that can be changed, and acts on it.
Please read and learn about the inspiration for, reasons behind and, why Kingston loves it’s annual Zombie Walk.

11742744_10155837901605228_229458223133517197_n“When I heard the Zombie Walk was cancelled, I knew immediately I had to work to keep it alive.

Well, undead, at least.

Last year, in the lead-up to Hallowe’en, it wasn’t Trick or Treating that got my girls excited; it wasn’t their Spider-Witch-Goddess costume, or their Dragon Princess – it was their “Zombie Family” costume, and they were eager to participate in the Zombie Walk. And the year before, the week after Hallowe’en, my (at the time) 4-year-old was immediately asking, “Can we go on a Zombie Walk again?”. And last year, my 7-year-old made it her goal to win “Best Child Costume”, and proudly boasting about going to her friends at school.” Ben Kent

safe_image (2)

“In short: My kids want The Zombie Walk. That means I have to try. Plus, I’ve already heard from a score of adults, who are glad to see something at least trying to move forward and keep up the tradition.

While the previous admins commented on there being some sort of financial situation that prevented them from moving forward, I’ve taken it upon myself to find out what those difficulties are, and if it’s possible to overcome them. Unless it’s simply impossible, the Zombie Walk 2015 is going ahead!”Ben Kent

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More updates will be available via IAMGEEKER and on the FB site for the New Annual Kingston Zombie Walk event page. Stay tuned!
If you can volunteer your time and energy to make this happen or, if possible, use your contacts to help financially support this beloved tradition, please do so and help to keep our Zombie Walk alive or, rather, undead.




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The Living Corpse has been  “Kicking Ass and Eating Brains” for 3 years. iZombie has been  “Kicking Ass and Taking Brains” for a month.

untitled (2)

This is not a question of whether or not the tagline Kicking Ass and Eating/Taking Brains was stolen by upcoming comic book turned serial iZombie from the masterminds behind The Living Corpse comic book and film The Amazing Adventures of The Living Corpse (Buz Hasson/Ken Haeser), it is a question of what are they (iZombie) going to do about it.

548606_390766454344801_1600408869_nOne could chalk it up to flattery, however, it’s not. It is very sad when creators from the same genre are stealing from one another. If anyone knows, it should be fellow comic book artist/writers. It isn’t an easy job and getting attention for your comic books, no matter how excellent it may be, is a chance in a million. This is a career of passion, and to see this kind of thievery is sickening to fans of both The Living Corpse and iZombie.  To out right plagiarize a fellow artists is really just a douche-bag move. The entire industry is based on creativity. Actions like this says little for the show iZombie and what to expect from it.

When pressed for a comment, Buz Hasson had this to day I don’t think it’s a coincidence after seeing how far it’s left the original source material from the comic“.  He is right. It would be hard to prove this a coincidence as the phrase isn’t one used by anyone I know in their daily-weekly-monthly vocabulary. At the root of this is basic thievery. Ken Haeser had this to add “I’m not surprised. When was the last time Hollywood had an original idea?

What will happen, if anything? Who knows, but this fan will not be watching iZombie. There are far better programs and films that do not steal as they see fit.




UPDATED: We have put our SECOND donation of $100 under the name HORRORGEEKS!

10429421_645631365583170_7744790955809945377_n (2)

 “A friend of mine and member of HORROR GEEKS, Caroline Teske, is taking part in the Walk to End Women’s Cancer this year. As she states on her personal donation page ‘Cancer has touched my family and friends so much over the last couple of years. I lost my sister Katrina in June, 2014, my good friend Heather in January, 2015, and my mother is currently battling it now. This summer, our team hopes to participate in the walk again for the second time. My goal is to raise $2,000 this year to help keep Katrina’s and Heather’s memories alive and to honor those who are still fighting this illness. The money raised goes to support the wonderful efforts of the Montreal Jewish General Hospital and the Segal Research Centre to end women’s cancers.’
As H’s best friend and, having lost my own mother to Cancer in ’95, I am really proud of Caroline to be taking action.
With my own skills and networks I swindled some Admin’s from HORROR GEEKS (PM me to join) to help create Horrorgeeks: Auction for the Walk to End Women’s Cancer. In about two weeks we have raised $200 for Caroline’s personal donation page.


In order to join the secret group HORROR GEEKS you must contact one of the following Administrators as this group does not show up in searches: El Tisdale (Me), Gary Frazee, Tom Barry, Lisa Kickass-Hamilton or, Dave Brudie.

We are holding AUCTIONS of HORROR memorabilia and related things that members have donated. If you have something you would like to donate and auction off please let one of the HORROR GEEKS admins know and we can schedule you a date to start your auction or we can auction it for you.


This post has been UPDATED after a number of comments claiming I was over reacting and wrong about HERO FEST. Oh, and standing up and speaking out was anti-feminism and I should be ashamed.
“It’s Hysteria!”
Give me a fucking break.

The changes will prove I was right the entire time and people should take heed when someone in the community is trying to warn them of a potential scam.



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When I first heard of the comic con, HERO FEST, coming to Kingston it was only a matter of minutes before I wrote in to volunteer.
Once getting in contact with David Wyldstar I was approved as a volunteer and later received a promotion. Although it was inquired about, nothing was ever made clear to me as far as my duties.

I did a fair bit of promoting for the con and was asked to be volunteer coordinator , Wyldstar said there were 5 volunteers and agreed to my request to open a private group us to organize (it turned out to be two, plus me).
After not hearing from him for a few days I received the following email and replied as you can see in this screen grab…


After a weeks of waiting for Wyldstar to come in to the City, there was finally a notice put up on the HERO FEST VOLUNTEER page saying he was coming in and he we would all meet.

fdgsd (2)

The problem was he did not confirm that he was in town and from I gathered from a conversation another volunteer started with me, he came in town but did not show up for meeting, nor did he let anyone know.

When I finally received a response, Wyldstar about his absence at the meeting he did NOT answer a single question I asked. Instead he posted on another question stating he will be back tomorrow.
fdgsd (4)

It wasn’t a challenge to deduce that Wyldstar/HERO FEST made it to Kingston that Sunday. He just didn’t bother going to his own meeting he asked his volunteers to be at, one of whom lost a shift a work to go.


Before this happened, Kingstonites were starting to smell foul play.
Here is a PM that I received from someone who was working with Wildstar and was having major trust issues.
Underneath is a statement from HERO FEST saying when tickets will be available, some questioning locals, along with a retort from the Kasey Ferguson Show, whom I respect very much however, have a difference of opinion on the situation in front of us…


herodefends1 (3)

I question who HERO FEST claims as their sponsors and the contradiction to what was on their offical site. Radio stations and newspapers are supposed to inform the City of events and what is going on around us. That is not the same as being legit sponsor. That is called “their job”. As much as The Kasey Ferguson Show defends HERO FEST (sans plug for IAMGEEKER from both HERO FEST/Wyldstar and Kasey Ferguson Show – I get it, I don’t have a dick) this convention didn’t add up…


Meanwhile, my stomach turned when posts started popping up making fun of an Actor that HERO FEST claimed cancelled on the event.
Here is a screen grab of the notification from HERO FEST that Nicholas Brendon had scheduling issues…


In the next screen grab you can read how Kingstonions took the information, and my response trying to explain there was still a lot to look forward to. You’ll also read where I spoke my mind about the tastelessness of posting a link joking about Nicholas Brendon‘s personal issues, especially when addiction is involved…


Unfortunately,  HERO FEST posted the link on their own merit, for what reasons I can not  fathom, mocking Nicholas Brendon. This is very questionable because Wyldstar made a point earlier of saying Nicholas Brendon would be coming to Kingston this summer. Doesn’t sound like that will be happening.
Being someone who has gone to rehab twice in my 35 years I find this type of humor very low brow and it tends to come from lower educated louses’. It is sketchy and offensive that a professional in the convention arena would post the following on their official page…


So, I quit. I don’t like negativity and figured this con was too sketchy for my involvement.


HEROFEST had to finally let Kingstonites know a Doctor of the Who variety wouldn’t be showing up. It was claimed that it was on short notice.  Many locals  were upset because of the many cancellations and the price of the tickets. It was the ONLY time the poster wasn’t updated until after the actual con took place. The information also came out from one of the ticket holders questioning HeroFest on their page.

There were one or two household names there but, nothing worth what was paid for. The celebrity guests were even lowering their own prices to lure people in. There were sad Deleks, excellent costumes with no one to see them, a stand up poster of the phone booth for people to, uh, take pictures with…

HEROFEST was a fail and I’m glad I jumped ship when I did.

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Angry director Scott Foster, hopes to take revenge on local festivals for not choosing his film by running for Mayor -wants to kill cats-announes not gay.



Mr. Scott Foster,

fathers day

Today I read an article which gave insight in to some of your plans if elected Mayor or Kingston, ON,  that I found disappointing, vindictive and, left me unsettled.

Let’s begin with something light. You said I would indicate that I will be criticizing the Reelout film festival for one of its films, I do not think that municipal funding for the arts should be used to promote any type of pornography. I am also going to be similarly critical of some of the films shown by the Slimebone City and the Kingston Canadian Film festival.  I am not pleased to see films that depict child abuse, torture, excessive profanity, and pornography in arts festivals that are supported with municipal funding. It’s not a matter of censorship; it’s ethics. I’d point out that, in producing my own film, (based largely on the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), I purposely removed the scene where Mr. Hyde tramples a child, (obvious child abuse to inspire horror and loathing). I am more conservative in my views on arts funding and the display of art to the public.”

MV5BMTYwNDU3OTY4OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTIzMzA0MQ@@._V1_SY317_CR15,0,214,317_AL_I am sorry you have ill feelings towards the Slimebone committee (which I was on) for not choosing your “Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” film. It was not a masterpiece.  It is bad and that is why it didn’t get in. When you censored the scene from your film, which you felt was too violent, it my not have been the greatest decision as a director. Perhaps leaving it in was the right thing to do. But, let us be honest.  You took an existing silent film and deleted scenes from it and, added in voice-overs. You dismantled the heart of the film and gave us nothing to care about, discuss or be horrified of.
Rest assured, your grievances were made clear when you plastered downtown Kingston with your posters (illegally?…) explaining why you were pissed off at Slimebone.
Censorship, Mr. Forster, breeds censorship.You are on a slippery slope.

i sit on your grave

Let me explain to you what the horror genre is. By definition, a group of films that are intended  to horrify the viewer.  It allows us to experience our fears, what terrifies us when we are alone at night, things that could happen that we hope never do, and lots of tits and ass.When you aim to censor issues like child abuse, torture, excessive profanity, and pornography ”  you are essentially saying  (pick a genre and movie title) won’t live up to YOUR code of ethics, which by being citizens of Kingston we must all abide by?  Are we going to be wearing red arm bands too?  If so, a violet red matches my skin tone best.

deadgirlFrom your bold statement one would presume you took the time to track down and watch every single film we displayed.  That is really impressive, thank you!  If not, your outrageous claims about the movies played at The Slimebone Festival  are premature and not a good trait for a Mayor.
Look, I understand your feelings were hurt when you didn’t make it into the festival.  I get it.  But, to be so pig-headed to think that you can wipe out Slimbone and other local film festivals because your ego was damaged is the saddest thing any director can do and I truly believe no lover of the arts is pro-censorship and that any media of art outweighs ethics.


Some part of you must love the arts, you thought you made a film.  Why not use that and let the arts thrive and not crushing Kingston’s accomplishments like Slimebone, Reelout, Kingston Canadian Film festival? Perhaps next time you enter a film you should write on the case “Running for Mayor in your City – if you don’t choose my film I will close down all film festivals available


Although you call yourself a Liberal, your views are truly appalling.  As I continued to read I felt more and more depressed on your behalf. Why are you using this platform for revenge and other personal issues like clearing up your sexuality?  My liberal views have sometimes led some people to question if I might belong to the LGBT community, (I don’t)
Did you seriously just come out as being straight?
There are no words….

the hungerI learned about your plans to support our LGBT community, which is by doing nothing. Actually, it is less than nothing “… If electedI would indicate that I will be criticizing the Reelout film festival for one of its films
I truly hope you explain your ethics surrounding LGBT issues very clearly to us Kingstonians because we are a city that is proud to accept everyone and hope to grow and prosper in that direction.  You should go check out Reelout Office.  It’s really friendly and in a beautiful downtown Church.

a serbian filmThe further I investigated, the more horrific comments made by you  gave me chills. Your explanation of why we should kill off homeless cats siting “Lyme disease” as a solid reason made my stomach turn.  “Unfortunately, there are too many healthy and domesticated cats that aren’t adopted from the shelters; so, rather than spend additional resources and funds to heal and rehabilitate feral cats, they should be painlessly euthanized”  Are you F…..G serious?  I’m starting to believe you could be a serial killer.  I’ve watched Dexter – I know what to look for and you are fitting the bill in my eyes.  Above and beyond the cat killing Mr. Foster does have one animal that is close to his shriveled heart “Lastly, I would like to see more martin-houses and bat-boxes placed around municipal properties…” …And turtles.

teeth As absolutely terrifying as you might be Mr.Foster, your film was weak, that is why you didn’t make it in to the festival. If you would like, you can send me a copy and I will personally review it on IAMGEEKER and let you know where else you missed the mark and how to better your craft. My opinion of you is that you are a farce. Someone who is running for Mayor on his own unsettling agenda.  A crusty right-winged movie-burglar in a sparkly rainbow coloured liberal’s skin. I sincerely hope you seek therapy.

El Tisdale

To contact Mr.Foster click his name or here:




Familiar is one of the best short films I have seen in a long time.

It is unusual to come across a movie like this, truly a delight for someone looking for a suspenseful mind-fuck horror.  It rates right up there with Richard Gale‘s Criticized.

Because the film is just over twenty minutes long the story line has to be direct, clear and concise.

Director/Writer Richard Powell (Consumption) succeeded. It is bland when it is supposed to be, comedic at the perfect moments, and admittedly caused me to hide behind my hands.

There is so much beyond this being a scary film, this is a feature to be analyzed and torn apart at the seams.

From how the Daughter is described, to what is discovered in the mirror, to the pregnancy, and possible jealousy,  food, prison!  There is so much to be theorized and enjoyed. Everything is perfect and tied together with a beautiful bloody bow.

Robert Nolan (Worm) gives a meaningful performance as John Dodd, the Father figure.  With barely any lines he conveys most of his characters personality through his body and facial expressions.  This is a talent lost since the golden days of Hammer.

John‘s Wife Charlotte is portrayed by Astraida Auza (The Bare Bones). Charlotte is a sad woman whom seems to have little in life to look forward to as her Daughter, Jordan (Cathryn Hostick: Words of Goodbye), is off to college in a matter of months. Auza did a fantastic job giving the wife’s persona a true sense of desperation, a need for sympathy and a woman who is unhappy in life. Her performance screams for empathy.

Asking to sum up Familiar is not an easy task, there are many aspects to this film.

John Dodd, a 45 year old man who sweats bitternes about his life and the people around him.

Intelligent, paranoid. vengeful and quit-witted.  The progression of John throughout Familiar is something to be admired.  Going back to the script, the way everything unfolds and how John changes in cohesion with the audiences view of him falls in line perfectly with what is happening in the plot.

Charlotte doesn’t seem aware of what is going on around her. A tragic and well thought-out miscarriage and a mundane lifestyle she is pushed into depression.  As a woman it is hard to not have sympathy for Charlotte which only causes more distaste for John. It becomes clear before the first ten minutes are up that John and his thoughts are two separate entities, with one following the other.  By now it could be assumed John is suffering from a severe psychological breakdown.

There is a point in Familiar which John and the audience seemingly come to a massive -shocking surprise about alter personality and its origins. Done masterfully, an a delight to experience as a viewer and, totally fucking creepy.

It is one of the best macabre features to come along in years!

Short, long, fat, tall… BEST MOVIE in a long time and will be remembered for its dialogue, scrutinized for its metaphors and loved by all who call themselves horror movie fans.

Pure excitement came over me when the credits ended,  I contacted Producer Zach Green and gave him my first thoughts on Familiar and I stand by them now.

“Holy fucking shit Dude! That is awesome!! …(Familiar) had the eeriness of Donnie Darko, a bit of ImprintBasket Case and an emptiness like Misery!”

As advised, watch Familiar.

Now! Stop what you are doing, and go watch it!

(was that me or inside your own mind??)




This is one wickedly awesome movie!

Pontypool is refreshing, dark, well acted, wonderful story intense and laid back in its delivery and timeless. Big thank you to Tony Burgess for giving something new.  I loved this movie, it was dark and gritty.  I really have a difficult time finding much wrong with it. Plus, everyone by now should know I have a special place in my heart for Canadian based films.  Pontypool is a movie you will be watching more than once.

Director Bruce McConald knew what he was doing. Filmed with intent and using a straight forward technique was the was to go with Pontypool.  The shots from lead character Mazzy, to his crew were well thought out and precise. An outstanding scene, Grant Mazzy driving to work through a bastard of a Canadian blizzard. . He runs into a woman on the road. Like the tough guy he is Mazzy puts the least amount of effort into helping the confused woman until she backs off into the depths of the snow. He is left with a fantastict look of concern and I’m-not-going-to-do-a-damn-thing.

Stephen McHattie is such a tough guy!  Within minutes of the beginning he managed to give us a good idea of who is Mazzy is on a human level. Truly an excellent actor who knows how to covey an honest character. McHattie  rocked this role.  Fit into the character expertly and sold Mazzy as the perfect hard-ass everyone would want to have a drink with. It was fantastic to watch Mazzy realizing something terrible may actually be happening outside the walls of his radio studio in Pontypool, Ontario.

Because his past gigs as a shock-jock there is tension as our favourite announcer tries to slide in a little extra drama into his live performances. Gives us the necessary friction and tension between he and Sidney Blair (Lisa Houle) and Laurel-Ann Drummond (Georgina Reily)

The weather man calls in to give his updates he reports he is watching scenes of murderous chaos in the city streets. There is a break in the transmission and Laurel-Ann translates the words from French to English. Being a true cowboy Mazzy takes charge and immediately tells his listeners that they are to be quarantined. The weather man reports back in but is gorged by a gang of the infected.

The theory behind this flick is that there is a virus in words. The English language that causes a 28Weeks/TheHappening type of reaction.  This worked for me, even the lack of infected made Mazzy and his crew seem to be truly located out in the middle of no-where.  I felt the idea behind the ‘change’ was excellent, far fetched but fresh and incredibly intriguing.

We follow the three in the radio station as they come to terms with by warning people on the radio they were passing the infection around. As Mazzy’s crew succumb to the virus we watch their attempt to survive this implied government experiment.

Pontypool is a low-budget movie however, the acting and storyline really come together and make this one of my top 10 movies of all time! Everyone who loves a good thriller/horror film will enjoy this and talk about it for days.  Really, if you have not had the chance, this movie should be watched and admired for its craftsmanship.

Hell, I’ve been talking about it for years. 🙂