Sadly the annual Zombie Walk for Kingston, ON was cancelled this year due to lack of funding.
Alas, when a door closes behind you, there is a whole new world in front of you. Local Ben Kent has jumped at the opportunity in this brave new world to begin a new Zombie Walk for the residents of the city of Kingston.
His reasons are simple and heart felt, the same as many participants in the annual Zombie Walk. It is tradition, it is something families can do together and, a heck of a lot of fun.
Here is the information thus far concerning the initiative to start a brand spanking new Zombie Walk for our community to participate in. It always amazes me when someone sees something that can be changed, and acts on it.
Please read and learn about the inspiration for, reasons behind and, why Kingston loves it’s annual Zombie Walk.

11742744_10155837901605228_229458223133517197_n“When I heard the Zombie Walk was cancelled, I knew immediately I had to work to keep it alive.

Well, undead, at least.

Last year, in the lead-up to Hallowe’en, it wasn’t Trick or Treating that got my girls excited; it wasn’t their Spider-Witch-Goddess costume, or their Dragon Princess – it was their “Zombie Family” costume, and they were eager to participate in the Zombie Walk. And the year before, the week after Hallowe’en, my (at the time) 4-year-old was immediately asking, “Can we go on a Zombie Walk again?”. And last year, my 7-year-old made it her goal to win “Best Child Costume”, and proudly boasting about going to her friends at school.” Ben Kent

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“In short: My kids want The Zombie Walk. That means I have to try. Plus, I’ve already heard from a score of adults, who are glad to see something at least trying to move forward and keep up the tradition.

While the previous admins commented on there being some sort of financial situation that prevented them from moving forward, I’ve taken it upon myself to find out what those difficulties are, and if it’s possible to overcome them. Unless it’s simply impossible, the Zombie Walk 2015 is going ahead!”Ben Kent

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More updates will be available via IAMGEEKER and on the FB site for the New Annual Kingston Zombie Walk event page. Stay tuned!
If you can volunteer your time and energy to make this happen or, if possible, use your contacts to help financially support this beloved tradition, please do so and help to keep our Zombie Walk alive or, rather, undead.






 HERO FEST is the perfect event for you and your kids to make some amazing memories!”Me.


Seems like for years I have begged to start a con in Kingston, ON and finally, someone beat me to it. That someone being David Wyldstar of Great Canadian Wrestling (GCW) fame, having a huge success with Oshawa’s first ever Comic Con in 2013, has started a new comic con HERO FEST here in Kingston, ON. Working along side Wyldstar is Kingston’s own talent, the Media Relations & Requests rep for HERO FEST and, deserved guest, Anthony D. P. Mann (Terror of Dracula, Sherlock Holmes and The Shadow Watchers, Phantom of The Opera). Cosplay and Panels are being directed by David Ross, a Cosplayer himself, Master Class costumer and Professional wrestler.

There is sincerely something here for every one. Horror fans will delight in the celebrity guests along with children who are fans of The Power Rangers. Cosplay for those who want to show off their inner spirit and, many vendors to get the perfect item to remember your day at HERO FEST.

Truly a great experience for the whole family and hopefully the beginning of a new tradition in Kingston. 



Featuring a huge Vendors room ~ an Artists Alley ~ a Panel room ~ a Screening Room ~ Autograph signings ~ Celebrity photo ops ~ a Karaoke area ~ a Live Wrestling event and an Outdoor Cosplay Photo Op area ! .


10428422_332506376948216_1870994041407601907_nCosplay Guest of Honor: David Darkstone Ross  –  Actor/Writer: Colin Baker, The 6th Dr. Who  –  Actress/Producer Denise Crosby, Star Trek/Pet Sematary/The Walking Dead/Trekkies  –  Actor/Director: Anthony D P MannPhantom of the Opera  –  Actress: Lori Hallier, My Bloody Valentine  –  Artist Neil Affleck, The Simpsons  –   Actor: Eric Johnston,  YTV’s SPLATALOT: VANE  –  Wrestling Legend: Ricky Johnson,  The People’s Choice/the Rock’s uncle  –  Actor: Pat Mastrionni,  Degrassi High: Joey Jeremiah  –  Actor: Mpho Koaho,  Falling Skies/Saw franchise  –  Actor : Kevin Kd Duhaney, Ethan the Blue Dino Thunder Power Ranger  –  Actor: Jeffrey Parazzo,  Trent the White Dino Thunder Power Ranger/Reality Star  –  Wrestler: Jessie Godderz,  Big Brother/Impact Wrestling  –  Musician/Actor: Maurizio Guarini,  Goblin  –  Actress: Susan Olsen,  The Brady Bunch – Cindy Brady  –  Actor : Felix Silla, Buck Rogers – Twiki /The Addams Family – Cousin Itt /Star Wars ROTJ -Ewok /The Brood

1797326_942169889141324_2612634183493061400_n (2)